Photo by Berta Delgado

Sonia Li is an award winning Taiwanese American artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Growing up in different countries, Sonia developed a strong sense of self at an early age through artistic expressions. The exposure to different cultures shaped her empathetic approach and innate sensibility towards universal expressions of humanity, to explore the meaning of being human through her work. In her free time, she loves to interact with animals and visit the sea. She is currently producing a series of video art, HEART, and training in contemporary dance.

Her work has shown internationally in numerous festivals in Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, Spain and USA. She received funding from the Taiwan Ministry of Culture in 2018.

CV upon request.

Exhibitions and performances:

CADAF, FILE Electronic Language International Festival, Paralelo Festival de Danca, Disorient Burning Man's Country Club Festival, Experimental Film Virginia Festival, MADATAC new media festival, Art-O-Mat at Whitney Museum of Art, Solo exhibition of WHALE at La Sala Performance Space. She has performed Drawing Rain at Opera America with Pianist Katya Mihailova and Butoh with Leimay’s Garden Piece.

Awards and honors:

Taiwan Mnistry of Culture grant, AFIAS Moving Images Award winner, NYU Stern Entrepreneur Challenge Semi-finalist, INSTINT Festival Artist Fellow, EYEO Festival Artist Fellow and Chen Yung Memorial Full Scholarship. 


Masters in Interaction Design, ITP/Tisch School of the Arts, 2014

BFA in Interdisciplinary / Installation Art, SUNY Purchase, 2005