These experimental optical illusions are inspired by Gaga, a type of dance technique emphasizing sensation and imagery. Two years ago, I started my dance / movement practice, cultivating the subconscious of the mind-body connection. These visceral images are symphonies that tap into that connection. The circular motions echo my natural movement inclination and the mandala, a Buddhist spiritual symbol. Originally designed for dementia elderly, these images channel my artistic intuition through scientific research in neurology and psychology, maintaining visual tension, difference and interest to the brain. I use floral images to promote the universal messages of peace, love, beauty and strength. Iā€™d like to present these images as an installation.

I create interdisciplinary art experiences that inspire spiritual awakening. This audiovisual installation is a celebration of physical, spiritual and psychological movements. A hybrid of art, performance and social space, visitors experience active light and sound fields, composed of custom optical illusions, projection and sound. The soundscape creates a feminine and intimate ambience through baroque music, poetry and field recordings. Visitors are free to move as they wish. In physics, sound creates earthly air vibrations, and light is the language of the cosmos. Using moving light to sculpt space along with atmospheric sound, the environment becomes a metaphoric universe. The experience is an utopian depiction of peace, love and compassion.  

Below are mock ups of the audiovisual installation possibilities.