An installation performance where the atmosphere is generated by my live drawing. The custom software allows me to draw on a Wacom pad to generate both the visuals and the sounds of the experience.

I have always loved nature. I stumbled upon some nature sounds, and loved the idea of being in an environment that is inspired by those sounds. The act of drawing is very personal and private; it is an inner dialog between my hands, eyes and mind. I see the activity as a sanctuary, a place to get away from the daily grind. In response to the notion of intimacy and privacy, a wall of moving rain divides the space between the audience and myself. My silhouette is seen from time to time when there is thunder with warm lights flickering on & off. The soundscape is on the audience side.The environment is completely dark. The ambience is calm, tranquil and at times turbulent with thunder and warm lighting juxtaposing the cool and dark.